UnitedHealthcare has four main divisions. These included; Health plans and retirement benefits, community Medicaid programs, global medical benefits in over 125 countries and national employer health plans. United Medical Resources is in the last of the divisions.


UMR Assurances is a third-party administrator (TPA) mandated by your employer to secure employee retirement. As the largest third-party UMR Provider Portal  administrator in Germany, they help with open enrollment with health insurance companies.

Benefits Provided By UMR Provider Portal

Medicinal benefits

Use this section to learn more about the medical benefits of UMR. Don’t forget to take a moment to see if your doctor is a member of the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network, see a list of covered benefits, and more.

Global emergency coverage.

Coverage for a wide range of recipes. Preventive care services are 100% covered when ordered through the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network.


Your Preferred Provider Organization Plan (PPO)

You are free to choose your physician, but you save a lot when choosing a physician or facility from the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus provider network. If you use a network medical provider.

Preferred Provider Organization Plan (OPP)

Seeing a specialist does not require a referral. Generally, an application form is not required. Allied Healthcare offers the largest network of doctors and hospitals in the country at discounts, saving you 20-30% on your bill. It is likely that your current doctor or medical facility is already on the network. If not, they can apply to join the network.

A secure, private website for members to track claims, find doctors, print IDs, estimate healthcare costs, and more.


Talk to a registered nurse any time of day or night or chat online. Our RN team will answer your questions and advise you. Best of all, it’s all part of your health benefits, so there’s no cost to you.