Mobile App

You can access the UMR website by entering your tax identification number or the name of your health insurance fund operator and clicking “Submit.” The UMR is a Third Party Trustee (TPA) mandated by your employer to ensure your claims are correctly paid so that your healthcare costs are kept to a minimum, and you can focus on your well-being.


Using the UMR Provider Portal is free and easy. To use it, you must accept the site’s user agreement. After submitting your form, you can start using it right away. YOU need your tax identification number to receive a quote for your services. See also UPMC My Hub Credentials with Payroll.

Mobile App For UMR Provider Portal

Make the most of your healthcare, transportation, and nursing expense accounts so you can easily see your balances and details. Our secure app makes it easy for you to manage your expense accounts by giving you access to real-time information and allowing intuitive navigation.

The app’s powerful features include:

My taskbar

See upcoming tasks right on the home screen.

Ask for the right

Find a claim for yourself or an eligible dependent.

Check your benefits

See Medical/Dental Services. And see who is covered by your plan.

Access account balances

View your account balances, including HRAs and FSAs.

Estimate health costs

Also, use the healthcare cost estimator to see what you are likely to have to pay before seeking treatment.

Find a supplier

Find a provider on the network while you are “on the go.”

Share your ID card with your supplier.

As a result, you no longer need to carry your card around with you, and you always have it close at hand. With UMR Claims & Benefits, managing your healthcare on the go is easier than ever. By giving you faster access to your health benefits, this service is intended to save you time.