UMR is not an insurance company, but a third party like TPA. The UMR Provider Portal makes it easy for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients about benefits and eligibility information.


To access the UMR Provider Portal site, enter your Social Security number or the name of your health insurance provider and click submit. The UMR is a Third Party Payer (TPA) mandated by your employer to help you settle your claims properly so that your healthcare costs are kept to a minimum, and you can focus on your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact UMR service provider services?

For UMR Customer Service Manager, call 1877 217 7800. For DNI inquiries, call 1877 217 7800; for UMR Service Management, call 1866 494 4502.

How to find a supplier?

Find a doctor, hospital, laboratory, or network health care provider near you. You can search by geography, subject, or name.

When you choose a plan available through UMR, you choose to access the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network, one of the largest healthcare networks in the country.

Benefits of a supplier portal?

  • You get quality service at a discount when you find a network provider.
  • Your doctor or medical center is likely already part of our network. Otherwise, they can apply to join the network.
  • If you need an expert, there’s probably one near you.
  • You are covered if you are traveling or have dependents living in another state.
  • You can go to advanced healthcare facilities.
  • As a general rule, no application form needs to be filled out.

What health support does UMR offer you?

Having access to resources to help you maintain or improve your health, the individualized support you require, and the tools to make the best health decisions is one of the perks of membership.